About Us

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Who are we?

K-Pop Highway Radio is an independent k-pop radio station founded in 2016. We serve up the tunes across the world. But our main focus is North America (That's Canada, Mexico & The United States).

Do you guys make this stuff at the station?

That would be fun. But nope, we use a 3rd party company to make, print and ship all of our items.

What is k-pop?

To put it simply, k-pop is popular Korean pop. Think of the Billboard Top 100 charts in America. It's full of the most popular music from various genres, like pop, rock & hip hop. K-Pop is the popular music from Korea and contains a number of genres. There is one genre that is unique to k-pop, that's OST or Original Soundtrack Music. 

Where can I hear k-pop?

To hear k-pop and learn a little more about it visit us at kpophighwayradio.com.

Do you giveaway tees, music, stickers & stuff?

Nope. But we do have weekly k-pop giveaways. That includes electronic gift cards you can use to get yourself one of these tees or hats, for k-pop stores and for purchasing on-line concert tickets. You can enter for a chance to win prizes. Rules and restrictions apply.

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